Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lions beaten by Bears, oh my!

Despite the guarantee by wide receiver Roy Williams of a victory, the Lions came up very short of any form of it on Sunday. The bloodbath as I call it, was 34 to 7 in favor of the Bears.

Many blame it on the coach, many blame it on the quarterbacks. It seems the one that should be held accountable is the general manager Matt Millen.

No matter what improvements, trades, or draft picks he made, he has shown that a toddler can handle the team better than him. Since he came aboard the Lions went from a good team almost missing the playoffs to the laughing stock of the league.

Although Detroit has a lot of good players, they do not have a good leader in Millen. The only thing fans wish that Mr. Ford would do is say to Millen is YOU'RE FIRED!

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