Monday, August 20, 2007

Despite Barry Bonds ethics, the record will still be there

Despite Barry Bonds lack of ethics, the home run record will still be out there.

Even if they find out that he did juice up with steroids and he is stripped of his record, the record will still have been broken. Why would athletes jeopardize their ethics, careers and bodies for glory?

What does this do the integrity of baseball? What message does Bonds send to youths? That fame, fortune and glory are more important than honesty? That no matter how immoral that a person is, what counts is name recognition? Can baseball recover from Bonds actions?

If baseball is ever going to stay clean they must do a few things. First they have to admit that there is a steroid problem. Second the commissioner should hand out stiffer penalties instead of small
fines, some excuse of a suspension and a slap on the wrist. Third, the fans should not put up with players behavior and excuses for their actions.

Maybe then will baseball be clean again.

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