Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Torre is out as Yankees manager, Damn Yankees.

The New York Yankees got their wish. Joe Torre is no longer their manager.

After 12 seasons of managing the Yankees and several playoff appearances, he was let go after they were defeated in the first round of the playoffs. Torre refused a pay cut and felt that the club offer was an insult.

My question is this, are the Yankees such spoiled rotten jerks that they expect to win every time? Yes a managers job is to wins games. Torre has proven that he can manage. They appeared in several playoffs, 6 world series, having won 4. So even though they have not won a world series since 2000 they have nothing to complain about. Sounds like an impressive record to me.

If the management wants to blame anybody, maybe they should blame themselves. God bless you, Joe Torre.

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