Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lions prove once again they are turkeys.

Once again the Lions proved that turkey was not the only item that was roasted on Thanksgiving day.This time they were carved by the Green Bay Packers.

What happened to this team? Yes the 6-2 was nice, but in the past three games they lost. Did the reality of the dream season kick in and finally become a nightmare? Did the Midas man of the offensive coordinator Mike Martz lose his touch? Do they need to give the ball more often to Calvin Johnson? Do they need to bring back fullback Cory Schessinger to straighten out the offensive line? Does our defensive coordinator Joe Cullens have to get his head out of his butt and do a better job? Or do the Lions show that they stink as a franchise?

I'm not hitting the panic button or writing this team off yet, but if they don't win soon, then they blew their chance for a playoff bid. And the 6-2 start will be a mirage n in the desert that is called Detroit Football.

Then they will be the Lions that everyone expects them and are proven to be.

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