Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pistons blow out Spurs, where was this team during the last two games

Once again the Pistons proved that they can win important games. After they have been defeated by both Boston and Dallas in the previous two games, they defeated the San Antonio Spurs by the score 90-80.

My question is this. What took the the Pistons so long to win a game and why can't this team be consistent in playing? Maybe they needed this mini slump to get their sync back. Maybe they should put Lindsey Hunter on the court more often. Maybe they should keep Rasheed Wallace from fouling out, like he usually does.

I'm well aware that the Pistons can't win every game, but at least they can try not to blow leads when they have them. Hopefully they not lose steam like they do in the second half and be the the team that we know that they are. The best team in the NBA.

Declaw those Bobcats!!

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