Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tigers roar, Pistons run out of steam

If the Pistons are the 2nd seed in the playoffs, lately they're not acting like it.

While the Tigers soared to their first victory, the Pistons lost their second game in a row.

After losing to the hapless Knicks 98-94, they fell to the 76ers 101-94. I'm well aware that they are saving their starters for the playoffs, but enough already!

If they have the best team in the NBA , how come they aren't showing it. It's one thing to go easy towards the playoffs, but come on now. I know that you need to give some of your starters a rest, but you also have to keep giving your best. Let some of your bench prove themselves. You've got the goods, you might as well keep showing it off.

Good luck Guys!

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