Saturday, June 28, 2008

Joe Dumars needs to Get Smart!

Either Joe Dumars is the smartest man in basketball or this month he's losing his touch. Normally, I would agree with Joe Dumars judgement regarding the Pistons. This time however, I'm beginning to wonder if he's off his rocker.

After losing for the 3rd year in a row in the Conference
finals, Dumars fired Flip Saunders and replaced him with Michael Curry. To go from a coach that has won season after season to a guy who hasn't proven himself. With all due respect, is he nuts?

Then to top it off, in the draft he trades the number 29 pick forward D.J. White to Seattle for UAB player Walter Sharpe. D. J. White would have a great accomplice to Jason Maxiel as a power forward. Sharpe
, who was once declared ineligible to play in college hoops because of his academics, was arrested last year and has narcolepsy.

Am I missing something in this draft? Is Walter Sharpe going to be a great player? Or is this draft pick a bust? What does Dumars have up his sleeve, regarding Michael Curry? I know that Flip Saunders couldn't get us to the NBA finals, but come on, what about the players themselves.

Shouldn't they also be held accountable for the way that they were playing? And should Rasheed be traded or at least kept out of foul trouble? Also what about the rumors about other trades in the works. My suggestion is to keep the majority of the starters and maybe tweak it just a little by starting your bench more.

I don't mean to question Dumars, but I and other Pistons fans want to know. Will this team ever make it to the finals again? Only time will tell and I hope that Joe Dumars is right.

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