Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Penguins cool off Wings in game 5

In Stanley Cup Playoff games, this is one to remember.

What was supposed to be a dream game at home for the Wings, turned into a nightmare. After leading three to 2 in the third period, the Penguins Maxine Talbot scored a goal to tie the game, sending it into
three overtime. After 90 second the Penguins scored on a goal by Petr Sykora to win the game 4-3, to send the Finals to Pittsburgh.

Okay Wings, here is my advice, you know how to win, just do it. Keep up your superb playing. Don't get tired, try to score more goals, and don't let Pittsburgh get away with anything. You have one more period to play and the Cup is in sight.

Then Wings fans will be dancing in the streets, when the Cup is back in Detroit.

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