Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Brett Favre a brat?

Brett Favre waffles more than a box of Eggos.

First Brett says, he wants to retire and he did. Now he changes his story and wants to come back. Is he pulling a late April fools joke on the Packers? What B.S. is the former cheddar boy pulling?

First of all, you don't act like a drama queen and announce that you're going to retire only later decide that you want to come back. To top it off he wants to be head quarterback again or be traded. The Packers already said that Aaron Rodgers was their new starting quarterback. Now the new wrinkle is that during the opening days of training camp, Brett isn't showing up yet. What gives?

Look , if he wanted to retire, be done with it. He already had enough and it's not fair to the rest of the Packers. Don't say that he was forced into retiring. It' s also not fair to hold a team hostage and demand a trade if he was not the top quarterback. They don't have to play Brett. He quit, duh!

If Bret wants
to save what's left of an already damaged reputation, then he should do the right thing. Either accept being the back up quarterback or just go away. Far away.

If there's no Brett Favre, look on the bright side. Maybe the Lions will finally beat the Green Bay cheddar boys.

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