Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tigers Trade Catcher. Is Dave Dombrowski pulling a Kwame Kilpatrick?

Dave Dombrowski should have his head examined for holes in it. Mike Illitch also needs to see if the team president has any ethics.

The team president for the Tigers made a surprise move by trading their catcher to the Yankees for relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth
. Detroit, and our beloved Tigers got screwed again.

How could you trade a solid player for a guy who could be a bust. Dombrowski said it himself that he was one of the reasons for our resurgence. So why cut off the hand that fed you?

Why not trade
somebody not useful. And didn't the Tigers say that he was not to be traded earlier when asked about him? And what about the rumors that he wanted out, keep him anyways. Maybe he would come back next season as a free agent. Is Dombrowski waffling like breakfast?

Look I know that we needed relief pitching, but you need to give Todd Jones more chances and time to heal. And why take back Farnsworth when you traded him in 2005? And what about the other misfire of trades that were done. Like acquiring bust Dontrelle Willis, letting go of Craig Monroe and ace pitcher Jair Jurrins. With decisions like these no wonder Carlos Guillen was the lone all star. What's next Dave, cut Guillen, Maggs and the rest of our team too?

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the Tigers will come out alright. After all we got Miguel Cabrera, Polanco and Maggs. I hope that this trade works out or a lot of Tiger fans would have Dombrowski pull down his pants and YANK KEYS!

With bonehead moves like this no wonder we are not in first place. Do whatever it takes to get him back in Detroit. Detroit fans deserve and earned it.

Detroit adores, respects, needs, misses him. We will welcome you back. Do what you know is right and ethical. Be our hero again.

Find your way and come where you know you belong. Back to Detroit.
Then, Now, Always.

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