Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wolverines lose again. Be patient fans.

The good news: the Wolverines won't lose any more football games. The bad news: the season is over.

After a much anticipated season with new head coach Rich Rodriguez, the Wolverines went 3-9 for the season. The season ending heart breaker lost to Ohio State 42-7 capped off what many call a hard year for Michigan. We were even beaten by the Spartans in an upset for the ages.

My question is this. Were fans too spoiled by Michigan's past?
Did we expect Rich Rodriguez to be a miracle worker? Did Michigan get too cocky for their own good?

Ok, OK the last few seasons has their troubles too, especially with the historic lost to Appalachian State in the 2007 season opener. But Lloyd Carr was able to make adjustments later in the season and close out his career with a win in the Capital 1 bowl. The team was also spoiled with the talents from the terrific trio: of Jake Long, Chad Henne and Mike Hart.

Look Rich Rodriguez is not Lloyd Carr, but there must be some reason why he was hired. Where is the genius that he had at West Virginia? Also can he get this team used to his methods and the spread offense? Can his system work in Michigan? Can he rebuild this team?

It's going to take time to get Michigan back to their winning ways. It's also going to take time for these players to adjust to Rich Rods' way of doing things. If he is a great coach, then he should learn from his mistakes this year and make adjustments. He can't underestimate the opposing teams.

Michigan cannot be turned around overnight, but the Wolverines and Rich Rod will get it right. Michigan fans: be patient, have faith. Soon we will "Hail to the Victors" once again.


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