Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lebron James has chosen a new team. Let the ego games begin!

Everyone can back to their lives now. The self proclaimed basketball king Lebron James has chosen to play with a new team. 

After much fanfare and speculation on what team Lebron James would end up playing for, he answered the question in a 1 hour media zoo Thursday night. His big revelation that drew in many viewers, the Miami Heat. 

My revelation as your sports goddess about the media circus surrounding his announcement: is big friggin deal. And why such a waste of prime time air. 

So what if he's chosen a new team. It's not like it's the end of humanity as we know it. It's not like he's cured cancer or ended poverty. He gave Cavalier fans a virtual middle finger. In other words he showed the world what he cares about most, himself. 

Lebron is no better than anyone else. He's no different than any other athlete with an inflated ego who thinks that they're better because they have fame. Fame is only valuable if you do something positive with it. 

Fame is no different than a high school cafeteria where you're allowed to sit at the cool kids table for awhile.  In other words, you're only good as your last win. After 7 years in the NBA, Lebron has proven that he can't live up to his hype. 

If Lebron is supposed to be the best, I feel sorry for South Beach. 

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