Friday, October 30, 2015

Is High School Football Safe Enough

This week, the quest for a high school football championship begins. 

All over the United States on Friday nights, many communities are going to be watching their local high school varsity football teams play. While many players play without injuries, seven high school players this year were not as fortunate. 

For the 18th time in the last 2 years a high school football players has left this world way too soon. Chicago area high school student Andre Smith was the most recent. Smith passed away after suffering head trauma during a game last Thursday. 

Some deaths were head trauma related. Others were caused by previous undetected health issues.

Could his passing have been prevented? Are school doing enough to keep their students who participate in sports safe? Are schools equipped enough to handle emergencies?

Athlete heart and health checks should be mandatory or made available at low cost to parents for students who want to participate in contact and high intensity sports. By having health checks  they can weed out students are at risk or at least take precautions for the students. 

Coaches and staff should be better trained to handle emergencies and have access to equipment to handle any emergency that occurs. The school should have a policy in place for dealing with head trauma and injury protocol. There should be access to safer sports equipment and techniques on how to reduce injuries before they happen.

Sports can unite and inspire a community. Let's hope no more communities have to unite to mourn. 

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