Friday, October 9, 2015 Strikes Out On Postseason Coverage

As a paying customer of the premium service for, I'm disgusted at their coverage of this years' games. I might have to tell the MLB where they can shove their service. 

You can't watch the games live online if you're in a blacked out area. They're also insisting that you have to sign in with your cable company id or buy their post season package if you want to watch online. If they do air your citys' team game, it's delayed. By then many fans already know the score, so why watch. 

Some fans are ditching cable because they can't afford it. Many are turning to the internet to watch tv. What if you have something else to do and still want to see Miggy hit one out or A Rod strike out as usual. 

Some Americans can't afford to go to the games because of the economy. Now they're SOL if they want to watch their home team. Does the MLB even care about their fan base or are they just in it for profit. 

Baseball is considered to be Americas' game. If you really want more Americans to enjoy baseball, don't gouge us while we watch. 

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David Laird said...

preach it!

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