Monday, September 11, 2006

Lions Should Be Declawed

Once again the Detroit Lions are proving that no matter what they do, they can't seen to win games. If the preseason is any indicator of the regular season then the Fords' should have the Lions declawed.

What was a promising start with a new head coach turned into a preseason diaster. With the new season and a home opener, once again the Lions fall.

While the defense put up a good fight keeping the Seahawks from scoring any touchdowns, the Lions offense fizzled and the only bright spots were the field goals kicked by Jason Hanson.

Instead of blaming Rod Marinelli maybe fans should just accept that our team will win the Super Bowl when hell freezes over, or when I get married.

If the Lions want to win, let's forget about the west coast offense and get back to basics.

Boys, learn how to play football.

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