Sunday, April 4, 2021

MLB Knocks It Out Of The Park Regarding All Star Game

What signifies America better than baseball and democracy.

This week the MLB stood up for democracy by deciding to move the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta Georgia.

The decision came in response to  Republican Governor Brian Kemp signing voting laws that many see as oppressive, draconian.

Other leagues need to do what's right & follow the MLB's example when it comes to Georgias new voting laws.

The new laws would limit the amount of time a voter can get an absentee ballot, require an ID to get an absentee ballot, make it illegal for election officals to mail out absentee ballot applications, allow the GOP to suspend county election officals.

It's also would make it illegal for anybody to hand out water to voters who would waiting to vote in the hot Georgia sun to vote.

The laws came after Republican losses in the 2020 presidential election and in the January 2021 Georgia Senate races.

Georgia Republicans argue this would make elections more secure

However many see the laws  oppressive to voters. 

Many Georgians made their voices heard by voting absentee in 2020 and in the 2021 Georgia Senate Races.

Georgia Republicans ought be ashamed of themselves.

What they're doing is going against everything that America stands up for.

Voting is a right. Citizens want and deserve to be heard. 

By passing these laws, Republicans are proving they don't give a damn about the voters right to be heard.

The laws Republicans passed are restrictive, abusive, disgusting and dishonest.

We all want fair, honest elections.

 We all want to see democracy thriving.

The opportunity to vote should be expanded, not restrictive.

One way to do that is by expanding the right to get an absentee ballot, not restricting it.