Monday, June 30, 2008

Tiger Stadium will soon be Looong Gone

Only in Detroit can they take something and make nothing out of it.

Tiger Stadium, the once great home of our beloved Tigers is being dismantled this month. The stadium, considered by many to be a grand ballpark and to many an eye sore as well, was abandoned in 1999 when Mike Illitch moved the team into Comerica Park.

Okay, okay, I'll admit that the stadium maybe couldn't be saved or renovated. But come on do we need another empty space. Why can't a piece of the stadium be saved for posterity? Or if the stadium could have been saved, why not have used it for outdoor concerts. Also what if a developer buys the property and backs out of the deal with the city at the last minute? Then you will another empty lot in Detroit. Doesn't the city have a enough of those already.

If Kwame Kilpatrick had used his brains instead of his loins, the city should have thought this through before the stadium is demolished. If I were head of this project, I would have done everything to renovate the ball park. If not, I would have saved part of the stadium for posterity and had a developer in a locked contract so that they couldn't back out.

Instead the ballpark is history and once again Kwame screwed with Detroit.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Joe Dumars needs to Get Smart!

Either Joe Dumars is the smartest man in basketball or this month he's losing his touch. Normally, I would agree with Joe Dumars judgement regarding the Pistons. This time however, I'm beginning to wonder if he's off his rocker.

After losing for the 3rd year in a row in the Conference
finals, Dumars fired Flip Saunders and replaced him with Michael Curry. To go from a coach that has won season after season to a guy who hasn't proven himself. With all due respect, is he nuts?

Then to top it off, in the draft he trades the number 29 pick forward D.J. White to Seattle for UAB player Walter Sharpe. D. J. White would have a great accomplice to Jason Maxiel as a power forward. Sharpe
, who was once declared ineligible to play in college hoops because of his academics, was arrested last year and has narcolepsy.

Am I missing something in this draft? Is Walter Sharpe going to be a great player? Or is this draft pick a bust? What does Dumars have up his sleeve, regarding Michael Curry? I know that Flip Saunders couldn't get us to the NBA finals, but come on, what about the players themselves.

Shouldn't they also be held accountable for the way that they were playing? And should Rasheed be traded or at least kept out of foul trouble? Also what about the rumors about other trades in the works. My suggestion is to keep the majority of the starters and maybe tweak it just a little by starting your bench more.

I don't mean to question Dumars, but I and other Pistons fans want to know. Will this team ever make it to the finals again? Only time will tell and I hope that Joe Dumars is right.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wanna make a difference? Vote Tigers for the 2008 All Star Game

Love Your Tigers, wanna make a difference?

You can make a difference, by showing your team support. How, by voting our Tigers to the 2008 All Star Game. You can vote for the Tigers by clicking on their link. It's on the left side of this site under team links.You can vote up to 25 times. Voting ends July 2nd. You can also go to to vote there as well.

The Tigers have brought so much hope and pride to our area, so why not show your pride. We know that they're playing like All Stars winning 12 out of the past 17 games. Why not let the rest of our country know it.

Keep wearing and displaying your Tigers gear. Keep packing them in and cheering at the games. Keep showing your Tiger pride.

Make it emphatic, Vote Tigers!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Politcally Correct Posse Rides Again

Once again a public figure makes an inappropriate misquote. Once again the politically correct posse is back in action.

Last year it was Don Imus who misspoke. This time ESPN columnist
Jemele Hill was quoted in her column “cheering for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. ” Luckily an editor took the reference out before the column was posted. She apologized for the statement and she was suspended.

Okay, I'll admit what she said was wrong and that she should have apologized but to be suspended for it, come on. Have we gotten so politically correct that we lost free speech. I'll agree she should thought about her words but isn't there more important things to get upset over than this.

We could get upset about the lack of jobs, the mortgage crisis, the falling dollar, the weather victims in Iowa, crime, the homeless, the lack of quality education in our biggest cities. Instead one of the biggest stories is a reporter who made a mistake.

Who hasn't put their foot in their mouth or miss wrote. If we were to fire everyone in the world who misspoke or offended anyone, then no one would have a job. Even Ms. Kitty has slipped up, not here of course.

The problem isn't the words, but what is the reason behind the words. My solution, we can put ourselves in anothers shoes, give others respect,
and try to watch our words.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Demolition prove that there can be a winning football team iin Detroit.

Finally there is a winning football team in Detroit, that not many are aware of.

No it's not wishful thinking about the Lions, but rather the Detroit Demolition that we can be proud of. The Demolition, a team in the Independent Women's Football League is once again in the playoffs. They defeated the Wisconsin Warriors 37-0 on Saturday to advance. They are the odds on favorites to win the title for the 2nd straight year and their 6th in 7 years.

My questions is this: If the Demolition can win in football, what's wrong with the Lions? Is it the Rod Marinellis' fault? Should the Lions fire Matt Millen? Is the Lions play book the problem? Or does it take women to show men how to get it done?

Go Demolition, Beat Chicago, win one for us ladies!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Note To Tigers Woods, have you heard of Wings fans.

This week, Tiger Woods said that no one watches hockey. I have one question, what planet does Tiger live on?

Yes, I'm well aware that hockey is not a big name sport, some can say the same for golf.
Hockey may not be a ratings winner, but people like it.

What gives Tiger Woods the right to attack a sport, let alone its' fans. What if somebody put down golf.

Penguins cool off Wings in game 5

In Stanley Cup Playoff games, this is one to remember.

What was supposed to be a dream game at home for the Wings, turned into a nightmare. After leading three to 2 in the third period, the Penguins Maxine Talbot scored a goal to tie the game, sending it into
three overtime. After 90 second the Penguins scored on a goal by Petr Sykora to win the game 4-3, to send the Finals to Pittsburgh.

Okay Wings, here is my advice, you know how to win, just do it. Keep up your superb playing. Don't get tired, try to score more goals, and don't let Pittsburgh get away with anything. You have one more period to play and the Cup is in sight.

Then Wings fans will be dancing in the streets, when the Cup is back in Detroit.

Sunday, June 1, 2008



All you need is to win 1 more game and the Stanley Cup is coming
back home where it belongs. Be careful, Pittsburgh will not go down easily.

Good luck guys!