Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is here. Can Detroit turn over a new leaf

Fall means many things to many different people.

For some it's the leaves changing color. For others it's shorter days and colder weather. But for Detroit, it's a new mayor and a chance to renew itself.

After months of scandal that rocked city hall and brought disgrace to Detroit, former mayor Kwame Kilpartick pleaded guilty to two felonies and no contest to a third after lying about text messages with his chief of staff. As a result, he had to step down in disgrace.
In his place is interim mayor Ken Cockrel Jr. After all the months of scandal and heartache, Detroit has a shot at redeeming itself and start the healing process.

My advice to his honor Mayor Cockrel is this; make Detroit very proud of you. Keep your word and never lose your integrity. Do what you promised and clean up Detroit. Don't lose this opportunity
to fulfill the promise of making Detroit the world class city that we know it is.

God bless Detroit!