Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prayers and thoughts for Chris Henry

Prayers and thoughts go to Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry. He is being treated for life threatening injuries after a car accident on Wednesday afternoon..

Even though we may root for opposite teams, we all belong to the same one that counts. The team called life.

Please get well Chris.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catch a Tiger Woods By His Marital Woe.

It was the car crash that was heard around the world.

Tiger Woods is back in the news. It's not about how he won another golf tournament, but rather his personal life that is grabbing headlines.

In case you haven't heard, Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident outside of his home on Friday morning. His SUV hit a fire hydrant and a tree as he was leaving his house at 2:25 am Friday morning. He was transported to the hospital with minor abrasions and released. After a four day police investigation, he was charged with careless driving and a $164.00 fine.

Ok, I know that Tiger has a right to privacy, but what happened? Why was he leaving his driveway at 2:25 am? And why such secrecy around the crash?

Some speculated that it was a domestic dispute, over some alleged affair according to a tabloid. But according to authorities, there were no signs of domestic abuse.

Now to make matters more interesting, Tiger admitted to and what he calls transgressions on his website. His so-called admission comes days before a magazine reports that he had three affairs that took place over years. One
magazine even reported that they have text messages and voice mails from Tiger himself.

Is he admitting that this is true? What does that tell people who look up to him as a role model? What does that say for sports in general? That if you're rich & famous, you're allowed to act without discretion? And what does that say about celebs and media? That our society is obsessed with fame?

Look, he has a right to some privacy. What happens in his marriage is between Tiger and his family. It's really no one else's business.

My advice to Tiger: learn from this experience. Please get back to playing great golf.