Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motownkittys Turns 5. Thank You Readers

My, how time flies.

This post is a extra special one. Motownkittys turns 5.

Thank you readers for allowing me to share my thoughts regarding sports and the sport of life. Thank you to my dad for his suggestion to do this blog.  Thank you to Ellen for your support. Thank you to Bill for feedback on the layout of this site. 

Thank you athletes, coaches,  team presidents, owners, their loved ones for making your fellow Michiganders and Michiganders at heart proud of you. 

Whether you live in the L. P.  or U. P.,  Acme to Zilwaukee and every city, we love our teams.  May we be reminded we belong to the same team, the state of Michigan. 

Now on to the next 5 years!