Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ben Wallace Who?

If the pre season forecasts how a team is going to do, the Pistons will have a bright season.

While cooling off the Miami Heat by 20+ points, the team is showing why they deserved to be the 2004 NBA Champs. Even without their former center Ben Wallace, they still dazzled with brilliant plays and teamwork.

Led by new center Nazr Mohammed, they kept the defending champs in check. Even if Shaq and Wade were in the game for Miami, they would still be no match for Detroit.

Once again Detroit proved why they are worthy opponents and why they will make the playoffs again.

Good luck Pistons. Have a great season.


Nicely done Tigers.

Pound the A's and bring the World Series back to Detroit where it belongs.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Go Blue!, Go Spartans (faraway)!!

If you're a college football fan in Michigan, then today would be the day that you live for.

Today marks the mother of all games, the rivalry of the Wolverines and Spartans.
While some see it as just a game, many see it as a chance to have the right to brag about their team.

Whatever you're team, may this game be a rock em' sock em' one.

Go Blue!!!!!

Who needs the Yankees, when You Have the Tigers.

If you would have told me a year ago the Detroit Tigers would be on the verge of beating the Yankees in the playoffs, I would have never believed it.

What everyone was considering to be an easy Yankee sweep, turned out to be nothing but. After losing game 1 the Tigers came back to win games 2 and 3.

The Tigers are on the verge of doing the impossible, beating the all mighty Yankees to a pulp. Be careful Tigers, New York won't go down that easily.

Do what you did in the past 2 games and bust those Bronx boys. Send them cryin' back to their mommies.

God bless and go get em' Tigers!