Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tigers Trade JD. Martinez. Avila Should Be Declawed.

If I used every swear word there is to describe todays' Tigers trade, it would be an insult to the swear words. That's how bad the trade is.

The team president for the Tigers made a surprise move by trading JD. Martinez to the Diamondbacks for 3 prospects.

How could you trade a solid player for prospects who could be a bust. Why shoot yourself in the foot.

Look I know that we needed to do something, but not now. 

And what about the other misfire trades that were done. Yes, the Tigers were royaled screwed over when the former team President Dave Drombrowski traded pitcher David Price to Toronto and Yonies Cepedes to the Mets. But Avila had 2 years to turn the team around. So far he has done a half assed job.

With decisions like these no wonder the Tigers are behind in the standings. What's next Al, cut Miggy, V Mart and the rest of our team too? 

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the Tigers will come out alright. After all we still got Miggy, V Mart, Verlander and Kinsler. I hope that this trade works out or the Tigers are going to lose fans including this one.

 Do whatever it takes to get JD. back in Detroit. Tiger fans deserve and earned it.