Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can Wolverine Football Be Saved?

Hail to the Victors, not this season!

The good news David Brandon and Brady Hoke are no longer in charge of the Wolverine football program. The bad news, the Wolverines still have a losing season. 

Once again the Wolverines football team is in crisis. And once again many fans are wondering can the football program be salvaged? 

What started as one of the most successful football programs in history is now considered a joke. Whether it was Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke at the helm, the program was like a ship that's that's been blown off course in a storm. They've even been beaten several times by their inner state rival  the Spartans (once considered inferior to the Wolverines). Are  the coaches, players at fault?  Or is the Wolverine football system flawed?

The trouble really came to a head like a giant pimple that shows up on Senior Prom night for the Wolverines after Brady Hoke misjudged the condition of their quarterback Shane Morris. Morris suffered an alleged concussion during the game against Minnesota on September 27th.  Despite appearing dazed and wobbly, Morris was left in the game.

Not only did the Wolverines lose badly to the Gophers 14- 30 but many questioned Hokes decison. The decision of keep Morris in the game was one of the reason many fans and many at the University called for Dave Brandon to step down as A.D. of the Wolverines. There was also a petition that floated around calling for Brady Hoke to be fired as head coach. Dave Brandon steeped down as A. D. in mid October. 

It was bad enough that this incident happened the Wolverines also lost in key rivalry games too.
The loss to the Spartans 11 -35 was pathetic. A bunch of preschoolers could have played better than the Wolverines that game. The 28 - 42 loss to the O.S.U. was the nail in the coffin for Brady Hokes coaching career at Michigan. Hoke was fired on December 1st and once again many are wondering, who will be head coach.
Not everybody can be another Bo SchembechlerWhoever the head coach is, they have their work cut out for them. They have to know how to win. Whether it's Les Miles, or someone else, they have to understand that Wolverines are expected to win games. 

Maybe we can proudly belt out Hail To the Victors once again.