Sunday, November 29, 2020

Here Go We Again: Lions Fire Another Coach

Good news, Lions didn't play this week. 

Bad news, the Lions lost their game on Thanksgiving.

They also fired their head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn last week.

Here we go again, the Lions can't get their act together and win games.

 While some see the firings as a step in the right direction, some are wondering what took so long for thr move to be made.

Was firing them a good move or are there deeper problems in the Lions organization.

Players, coaches, team presidents, and their assistants have come and gone from the Lions.

The Lions have never made it beyond the NFC Conference Championship. 

After the 2008 historic season where the team went 0 - 16, a new head coach, team president and general manager were named.

Some improvements were made and the Lions reached the playoffs a couple of times. 

Since then the Lions haven't won a playoff game. 

Even with changes at the helm made, will the Lions be a sucessful team or are we cursed by the football gods?

If I had the answers, I'd be running the Lions and winning championships.

I can only give observations, opinions.

First: hire an experienced team president, who knows how to build a team and has a winning record to prove it.

Second, hire coaches who have had coaching experiences.

Third, get good players. 

Detroit needs good offensive and defensive players.

Fourth: The team needs better group dynamics.

Group cohesiveness plays a large part in the way a team operates. 

Great teams look after each other.

 We can never go back to being a losing team again.

We fans are tired of having our playoff hopes dashed and disappointed.

Let's hope the Lions can finally start get their act together and start winning games again.