Saturday, August 3, 2019

Bad Trade, Avila Has Got To Go

Stick a fork in the Tigers season, that's how bad it is.

The Tigers at the July  31st deadlinr traded Nicholas Castellanos to the Cubs and Shane Greene to the Braves.

In return, the Tigers got 4 prospects.
How could you trade good players for prospects.

Don't give me the c**k  and bull**** the Tigers needed these trades.

Yes, the Tigers are bad when you keep trading great players.

The Tigers were once built to win and we can't do that with Avila is still in charge.

What does that do to the morale of the team and fans if we can't cheer on our favorites players.

Fans watch, attend games. Fans are fickle. Disappoint us once and good luck ever getting us to return. 

And what about the other misfire trades that were done. 

Yes, the Tigers were screwed over when the former team President Dave Drombrowski traded players.
But when Avila got in, it became worse.

He had 4 years to turn the team around.
It is getting so bad that even a miracle won't save the Tigers season.

With decisions like these no wonder the Tigers suck. What's next Al, cut Miggy too?

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the Tigers will come out alright, yeah right.

I hope that this trade works out or the Tigers are going to keep losing fans.
They lost this one months ago.

No excuses, get the Tigers back to being a decent team.