Thursday, April 7, 2011

Barry Bonds Goes On Trial, Why Were Steroids Tolerated?

This week marks the opening of the 2011 Major League Baseball season.

For many Americans it's time to root for their favorite teams and their baseball heroes to break records.  For one record breakers Barry Bonds, it's just another week in his trial for perjury.

Bonds who broke the all time home run record in 2007 is accused of lying about an alleged steroids use and obstruction of justice. Bonds testified before a grand jury, saying he was never aware or used performance enhancing drugs. 

The evidence according to many may prove otherwise. Fellow players Jason Giambi, Randy Velarde, associates and Bonds' ex-mistress Kimberly Bell testified they knew about Bonds steroids use. While the prosecution and the defense spar back and forth in court over evidence and perjury counts,  what's the point of this trial?

Is it that Bonds lied, or that steroids were used? Why were P.E.D s ever allowed to be an issue in baseball? Did Bud Selig have any idea of what was going on in the league? Did the league care?

If steroid use was no big deal then, why is there such a fuss about who used now. And if athletes did cheat, does that mean that glory and big bucks are more important than the integrity of the game? Does it mean liars win and that it doesn't pay to be honest?

Nobody but Barry Bonds will ever really know if he used or not. If Bonds did use, then he should he honest about it. If he can't do that, maybe he doesn't deserve any of the records that he holds. 

Do the right thing Barry, tell the truth. Your public awaits.