Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Need a sign of spring. The Tigers are playing ball

If anyone needs a sign that spring is coming, they don't have to look for robins returning. They only have to look no further than Lakeland Florida.

Once again
the Tigers are in Spring training. It's now a matter of weeks before we here the crack of the bats and cheering at Comerica Park. Soon there will be warmer weather and longer days.

I can hardly wait for spring and the baseball season to begin.

Welcome back, boys.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ron Artest is at it again. What message do sports stars send to our youth?

Once again Ron Artest is back in the news.

This time he was arrested for an alleged domestic altercation. He alleged hit a woman and refused to let her get help.

The question is this. What message does this incident send to our youth? That it's okay to be a jerk because you are an athlete.

Whether, it's a baseball player hitting a fan with a chair, Todd Brutuzzi attacking an opponent on ice, Kobe Bryant raping a woman, Kenny Rogers pounding a photographer, the Pistons-Pacers brawl, or the over the top antics of Terrell Owens, it needs to stop.

Sports stars are supposed to be role models who exemplify good sportsmanship and ethics. They are not to be brutes who use their fame to justify their actions.

If we want our youth to grow up to be responsible citizens, athletes need to do their part. They can start by behaving themselves whether they are playing the game or not.

Oops, Matt Millen did it again!

Once again Matt Millen has shown that he is a brainless blockhead who has proven that an infant can run the Lions better than him.

Not only were the Lions 3-13 last year, he traded one of the best corner backs (Dre Bly) to Denver for a draft pick and running back Tatum Bell. He also let go of tight end Marcus Pollard, defensive tackle Marcus Bell and traded defensive end James Hall to St. Louis.

Come on Millen, we don't need another running back. What are you trying to do, destroy the Lions even further?

If you want to reshape the Lions you don't need more offensive players. What you really need is a better defensive coach who's not a drunkard and defensive players who know what they are doing.

Millen, maybe the Fords will eventually do what is right. Trade or release you!