Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go Wings, Bury the Avelanche! Welcome back Granderslam!

Once again one of the greatest rivalries in sports will take place. The rivals, the Red Wings and the Avalanche will face off in round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Also in his anticipated season debut is center fielder Curtis Granderson who helped the Tigers defeat the Rangers 19-6.

Go Wings, bury the Avalanche and welcome back Granderslam!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lady Is A Champ

Talk about women drivers.

History was made when Danica Patrick became the first woman to win an IRL (Indy Racing League) event. She won the Japan 300 by beating her closest rival Helio Castroneve by more than 5 second in her 50th race start.

Not only is this a great race for Ms. Patrick, it is a victory for women in sports. It shows that women can now hold their own when competing with men. It also shows that women's sports should not take a back seat when it comes to coverage and funding.

Move over boys. Let us ladies show how it's done.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pistons, Tigers give Minnesota twin spankings. It's good to be a Detroit fan today

Wahoo! Now that's what I'm talking about! Tigers take Twins series, Pistons finish out home games with a win.

The Tigers routed the Twins and swept the series 6-5 with a two run Miguel Cambera homer. The Pistons meanwhile mopped the floor with the Timberwolves 115-103.

While the Pistons continue to Dominate in basketball, the Tigers have been struggling lately. What was supposed to be another loss for the Tigers has reaffirmed hope in this team. Yes, while they still have a lot of games and a lot of issues that need to be handled to break 500, at least this is showing that the Tigers still have sharp claws. Now the Wings just have to finish off the Predators.

Go Wings, Tigers, Pistons!! Keep winning guys!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wings soar as Tigers lose again. Tigers as contenders, HA!

I've had it! Now I'm really, really cheesed off!

While the Wings were out shooting the Nashville Predators 3-1 in the first game of their playoffs, the Tigers were being polished off by the Red Sox 12-6 in the last game of their series.

Many believed the Tigers to have highly talented players who were considered contenders for the World Series. Now it looks like a bunch of infants can out score them after 9 games.

The Tigers, the second most expensive payroll in the league, have proven that money can't always buy you talent. Yes, I'm well aware that it's only the beginning of the season and that you can't win every game, but come on 1 win out of 9 games.

You might as well pack it up and say game over. It's a lot less painful than another 153 games if they are going to play like this.

Let me know if they really start playing to win, maybe I'll be interested in watching.

They say that they're good players, PROVE IT!!

Hail to the Victors? HA!

So much for the number 1 seed.

Wolverines were defeated by Notre Dame in the Frozen Four of college hockey 5-4. The heavliy favored team was no match for the skilled and quick underdogs.


Tigers roar, Pistons run out of steam

If the Pistons are the 2nd seed in the playoffs, lately they're not acting like it.

While the Tigers soared to their first victory, the Pistons lost their second game in a row.

After losing to the hapless Knicks 98-94, they fell to the 76ers 101-94. I'm well aware that they are saving their starters for the playoffs, but enough already!

If they have the best team in the NBA , how come they aren't showing it. It's one thing to go easy towards the playoffs, but come on now. I know that you need to give some of your starters a rest, but you also have to keep giving your best. Let some of your bench prove themselves. You've got the goods, you might as well keep showing it off.

Good luck Guys!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game 8 is GREEAAT for Tigers.

Whew! The Tigers finally won a game.

The Tigers, after losing the first seven games dismantled the Red Sox 7-2.

See Tigers, you can win games. Fans are proud of you. Keep up the great playing.


Unlucky 7 straight losses for the Tigers. Enough is Enough!!

If President Bush really wants to find weapons of mass destruction, he has to look no further than the Tigers dugout.

For 7 straight games, the Tigers lost again. They were declawed by the Red Sox 5-0 Tuesday.

What was supposed to be an incredible team this year has turned out be nothing less than a disaster in their first 7 games. I'm not going to hit the panic button yet but, what happened?

Did the players get hit in the head with too many balls and forgot how to play? Were they too busy counting their dough from their mega contracts? Do they have to go to remedial baseball class? Are they working together as a team? Did they lose their confidence? Did Matt Millen become the team president? Or is this just bad luck?

If the Tigers ever want to get back into the playoffs, Jim Leyland has to take better control of this team. He has to get the players to work together. He also has to figure why they are losing too much and correct the errors. He also has to remind his players why they were signed in the first place.

Maybe the Tigers will start winning again. SPANK SOME HOMERS FOR ME!!

Pistons celebrate 50 years as a franchise. Bill Davidson gets into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Congratulations are in order for the Detroit Pistons on celebrating 50 years as a NBA franchise and on being the second seed in the playoffs.

Kudos also go out to Bill Davidson, the Pistons owner on making it into the NBA Hall of Fame.

With such a great owner for the team, it's no wonder the Pistons and their bench will be hard to beat this year.

Go get em' guys!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Good luck Wings!

Kudos to the Red Wings on ending your season on a high note.

They finished their exciting season by defeating the Chicago Black hawks 4-1 and by winning the Presidents Trophy.

Good luck Wings!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wings capture the Presidents trophy. Bring the Stanley Cup back to where it belongs-home to Detroit!

Way to go Wings for winning the Presidents cup!

For the fourth time in six years, the Red Wings have once again claimed the best record in the NHL. They won the Presidents' trophy after defeating the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2.

Go Wings! Good luck in the playoffs. Bring the Stanley Cup back where it belong, home to Detroit!!