Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did Lance Armstrong Cheat?

Once again another athlete is accused of using steroids. 

This time Lance Armstrong, the Tour De France winner is accused of using a performance enhancing steroid called HemAssist.  The allegations centered around a Sports Illustrated report that Armstrong took steroids while competing in the Tour De France. He won the Tour De France from 1999-2005.  

Regardless whether these accusation are true, why was doping even allowed to begin with? Will this tarnish Lance Armstrong's reputation as a role model? If he's found guilty,  should his victories be erased?

What does this say about sports, that winning is more important than integrity? Will any sport ever be considered clean? Is he innocent as he proclaims? 

Only time will tell if Lance Armstrong is vindicated. Even if he is cleared of these charges,  there will always be a question of doubt. Only Lance knows what really happened.  Let's hope he tells the truth.