Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tom Lewand, Martin Mayhew Fired: Is This The Right Move

Bad news, Lions couldn't score. The good news, the team didn't play today.

A bag of rocks has more life than the Lions this season. 

Here we go again, the Lions can't get their act together. After an amazing 11 - 5 season and reaching the playoffs, the Lions have only won one game this season. The team had their butts handed to them by the Kansas City Chiefs 45 - 10 during a game in London. With all the ups and down of the team over the past several seasons, some fans feel like they're on a bad roller coaster ride.

This season so far is so bad, the team owner Martha Ford had to finally put her foot down. In a move that shocked many last week, she fired team president Tom Lewand and general manager Martin Mayhew. While some see this move a step in the right direction, should she have waited until the end of the season to see if they improve? Was firing them the answer or are there deeper problems in the organization instead?

To many the Lions problems began when William Clay Ford Sr. purchased the team. For several years the teams seasons were so bad that too many to count players, coaches team presidents, and assistants were have come and gone from the Lions.

Although the Lions were in the playoffs a few times, they have never made it beyond the NFC Conference Championship. The Lions even when 0 - 16 during the historic 2008 season. Many blamed Matt Millen who was team president at the time for the season. Even after Millen was fired, the team kept going downhill. 

Finally after the historic season a new head coach, team president and general manager were named. The Lions even got the first pick in the draft. The Lions chose Matthew Stafford as quarterback. The team even hired Super Bowl champion Jim Cauldwell as head coach. Some improvements were made and the Lions reached the playoffs a couple of times. Still the Lions couldn't win a playoff game. Even with all the changes made, can the Lions be a sucessful team or are we cursed by the football gods?

If I had all the answers why the Lions can't win, I'd be running the team. However I can only give my observations. First: hire a team president and general manager who know what they're are doing and have the winning record to prove it. my suggestion if he's available Bill Parcels or someone like him. 

Second, hire coaches who have head coaching experiences and a winning record. I'd give Jim Cauldwell time to regroup his players and see how the season plays out. 

Third, get good quarterbacks and players. Do or pay whatever it takes to keep Calvin Johnson as a Lion. 

Fourth: The team has to act like a unit. Group dynamics, group cohesiveness plays a large part in the way a team operates. Good teams look after each other. 

Finally: We can never go back to being a losing team again. We fans are tired of having our playoff hopes dashed. 

Let's hope the Lions can finally start winning games again