Sunday, May 25, 2014

Even With Sancation Against Don Sterling, Damage Is Done

In case you haven't heard Donald Sterling is longer in charge of the L.A. Clippers. 

The embattled owner was banned from the NBA for life after making racist remarks telling his alleged mistress not to take African Americans to Clippers games. The comments, which were taped by his mistress were made after seeing a picture of the woman with Magic Johnson.

After hearing this, Clipper players led a protest by turning their practice uniforms inside out and throwing the team jackets in center court during a playoff game. Sterling was banned from attending Clippers games, practices, team input, from owning the team and a fine over 2 million dollars.  He caused even more damage when he went on Anderson Cooper and tried to apologize. On Friday Sterling even wanted to sell his share of the team to his estranged wife. 

Even with all the sanctions against Sterling, the damage from his comments can't be erased. even if he sells the team. Sterling can apologize or go on the defensive all he wants, the outcome will be the same. He was a racist owner who finally got caught. 

The question is, if there was any rumor that Sterling was racist, why did Commissioner David Stern allow Sterling to own the team for so long? What does Sterling comments say about a league that employs African Americans?  How will the NBA assure that another incident doesn't happen again? 

Whether we realize it or not, we judge in some form or another. If we want to reduce racism, we have to start with ourselves.  Let's hope Adam Silver will never let it happen again.