Monday, October 22, 2007

Joe Torre is out as Yankees manager, Damn Yankees.

The New York Yankees got their wish. Joe Torre is no longer their manager.

After 12 seasons of managing the Yankees and several playoff appearances, he was let go after they were defeated in the first round of the playoffs. Torre refused a pay cut and felt that the club offer was an insult.

My question is this, are the Yankees such spoiled rotten jerks that they expect to win every time? Yes a managers job is to wins games. Torre has proven that he can manage. They appeared in several playoffs, 6 world series, having won 4. So even though they have not won a world series since 2000 they have nothing to complain about. Sounds like an impressive record to me.

If the management wants to blame anybody, maybe they should blame themselves. God bless you, Joe Torre.

Go Red Sox! Beat the Rockies.

Kudos to the Boston Red Sox for doing what Detroit couldn't do. Beat the Cleveland Indians.

Go Red Sox! Beat the Rockies!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lions turning over a new leaf, yeah right

Has hell frozen over again? The Lions are 3-1.

What a difference a year makes.

After the Lions dismantled the Bears by 37-27 on Sunday, many are considering the Lions to be a good team. Are these people living in fantasy land? Give it time and the Lions will be back to their normal selves. Once again barely surviving the season.

First the offensive and defensive lines still needs to be developed. Yes they are getting better, but after the loss to the Eagles, they still are struggling with keeping their opponents at bay. Even with the win against the reining NFC champs, work still needs to be completed if this team wants to contend. Yes I know that they had some wins, but the ugly wins against Oakland and the Vikings prove that the team is still far from calling itself a passable team at best.

If the Lions want to keep themselves on the winning road, they first must tighten up their offensive and defensive lines. They also must have better coverage of holes in their defense by the secondary team.

Maybe then they will be plausible contenders.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tigers finish season, Magglio wins AL batting title.

After a roller coaster of a season, the Detroit Tigers have ended their ride for the year.

After winning the Al crown and making into the World Series
last year, they failed to make the Playoffs. Yes it's a disappointment but to many this season was a success.

For the second time in many seasons, the Tigers have a winning season. Also many players have
reached important milestones for this team.

Justin Verlander pitched a no hitter.
 Five Tigers appeared in the All star game. Placido Polanco, Gary Sheffield were among the many Tigers that spanked in homers. Magglio Ordonez captured the AL batting crown. And over 3,000,000 fans came to Comerica Park to see our boys of summer.

Yes we may not have gotten in the playoffs, but we can be extremely prove of our team. Although Michigan is going through tough times, there are some bright spots: sports and our Tigers.

Thanks for making Detroit proud of you
. Next year spank some more homers for me.