Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tigers Trade Catcher. Is Dave Dombrowski pulling a Kwame Kilpatrick?

Dave Dombrowski should have his head examined for holes in it. Mike Illitch also needs to see if the team president has any ethics.

The team president for the Tigers made a surprise move by trading their catcher to the Yankees for relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth
. Detroit, and our beloved Tigers got screwed again.

How could you trade a solid player for a guy who could be a bust. Dombrowski said it himself that he was one of the reasons for our resurgence. So why cut off the hand that fed you?

Why not trade
somebody not useful. And didn't the Tigers say that he was not to be traded earlier when asked about him? And what about the rumors that he wanted out, keep him anyways. Maybe he would come back next season as a free agent. Is Dombrowski waffling like breakfast?

Look I know that we needed relief pitching, but you need to give Todd Jones more chances and time to heal. And why take back Farnsworth when you traded him in 2005? And what about the other misfire of trades that were done. Like acquiring bust Dontrelle Willis, letting go of Craig Monroe and ace pitcher Jair Jurrins. With decisions like these no wonder Carlos Guillen was the lone all star. What's next Dave, cut Guillen, Maggs and the rest of our team too?

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the Tigers will come out alright. After all we got Miguel Cabrera, Polanco and Maggs. I hope that this trade works out or a lot of Tiger fans would have Dombrowski pull down his pants and YANK KEYS!

With bonehead moves like this no wonder we are not in first place. Do whatever it takes to get him back in Detroit. Detroit fans deserve and earned it.

Detroit adores, respects, needs, misses him. We will welcome you back. Do what you know is right and ethical. Be our hero again.

Find your way and come where you know you belong. Back to Detroit.
Then, Now, Always.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Brett Favre a brat?

Brett Favre waffles more than a box of Eggos.

First Brett says, he wants to retire and he did. Now he changes his story and wants to come back. Is he pulling a late April fools joke on the Packers? What B.S. is the former cheddar boy pulling?

First of all, you don't act like a drama queen and announce that you're going to retire only later decide that you want to come back. To top it off he wants to be head quarterback again or be traded. The Packers already said that Aaron Rodgers was their new starting quarterback. Now the new wrinkle is that during the opening days of training camp, Brett isn't showing up yet. What gives?

Look , if he wanted to retire, be done with it. He already had enough and it's not fair to the rest of the Packers. Don't say that he was forced into retiring. It' s also not fair to hold a team hostage and demand a trade if he was not the top quarterback. They don't have to play Brett. He quit, duh!

If Bret wants
to save what's left of an already damaged reputation, then he should do the right thing. Either accept being the back up quarterback or just go away. Far away.

If there's no Brett Favre, look on the bright side. Maybe the Lions will finally beat the Green Bay cheddar boys.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A-rod's wife asks for divorce. Marriage is tough enough, even without being a celeb.

Unless you live under a rock or don't have access to media, then you have heard about Alex Rodriguez's nasty divorce. Another celeb marriage biting the dust, yawn.

The Yankees slugger and his wife are divorcing over his alleged extra martial affairs. His wife Cynthia also claims that he has emotionally abandoned his family. The divorce preceding followed reports that the all star had dinner with Madonna.

Any divorce is bad and painful. But celeb divorces are considered the nastiest and most painful ones of all. Not only do they have the ugliness of breaking up a family, but many are doing it in the court of public opinion. And notably millions are at stake.

For any marriage to work, it takes a great deal of commitment and sacrifice. For a celeb marriage to work it almost takes superhero powers. Not only do they have to deal with their partners, they have many other obstacles that us average folks don't.

They have to deal with the glare of the media scrutiny and high profile careers. They deal with crazed fans, the photographers, and the pressure of keeping up the illusion of holding it together when things are falling apart. They also have more opportunities to cheat on their spouses. It's no wonder why so many celeb marriages fail.

Breakups are painful and they should be private. So the next you see a celeb couple, be thankful for not being one.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rampage head to conference final

A winning football team in Grand Rapids?

No, it's not a NFL expansion team, but the Grand Rapids Arena Football team that is headed to the conference finals. The Rampage advanced to the American Conference finals by beating the Chicago Rush 58-41.

If the Rampage defeat the San Jose SaberCats, they will play the winner of the Cleveland
Gladiators vs. Philadelphia Soul contest in the Arena Bowl.

Go Rampage!