Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NASCAR In Drivers Seat On Domestic Violence

May I have your attention all sports leagues, you've been put on notice!

NASCAR got it right. Domestic violence should never happen. Nobody should ever be abused. There's no excuse for it!

As of now Kurt Busch has been suspended from the sport. The suspension would prevent Busch from driving in the Daytona 500 this weekend.  Busch reportedly choked his ex girlfriend after an argument in late September. Although Busch has not been charged in the incident, he still could be reinstated pending a hearing.

Buschs' suspension came months following the NFLs' mishandling of a domestic abuse scandal concerning Raven star Ray Rice. Rice was caught on  video tape assaulting his fiancee who later became his wife in an elevator. The assault landed Rice a suspension from the NFL and a scandal surrounding the commissioners handling of the issue.  Afterwards the NFL formed a commission dealing with its' domestic violence policies.  The policy of the NFL is considered by many to be a small fix to a much bigger problem and came too little too late.

Why wasn't domestic violence dealt with in the beginning. With so many athletes arrested, what does that say about sports leagues? Why did it take so long for the issue to be dealt with?  Does it mean that the safety of women didn't matter to leagues? Do head injuries in sports have anything to do with violence?

Suspensions are a start but that's not enough, Leagues should have programs in place to deal with 
the causes  treatment for domestic violence. 

Maybe domestic violence can finally be eradicated.