Saturday, October 30, 2021

Politics And Sports Meet Yet Again

Once again sport and politics meet.

The NAACP sent a letter to professional sports leagues asking them to urge upcoming free agents, players not to sign with Texas teams.

The letter came in response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott signing strict anti abortion and voting laws that many see as oppressive, draconian.

Professional leagues and the NCAA should do what’s right, take a stand against the abortion and voting laws. 

The leagues should pull events out of and not do business with Texas. 

The new abortion law would limit the amount of time a woman can get an abortion, up to 6 weeks after conception.

It would also create a bounty by allowing a person to sue the person who helped a woman get to an abortion.

The strict voting laws came after Republican losses in the 2020 presidential election.

Texas along with other GOP led states passed voting laws.

The laws restrict options how voters can cast their ballots.

Texas Republicans argue the voting laws would make elections more secure.

However many see the abortion and voting laws oppressive to voters and women and minorities.

Abortion was made legal by Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

Many Texans made their voices heard by voting in 2020. Many Texans voted absentee.

Republicans ought be ashamed of themselves.

What they’re doing is going against everything that America stands up for.

Voting is a right. Citizens want and deserve to be heard. 

By passing these laws, Republicans are proving they don’t give a damn about Texans.

The laws are restrictive, abusive, disgusting and dishonest.

We all want fair, honest elections.

 We all want to see our democracy thriving.

The opportunity to vote should be expanded, not restrictive.

One way to do that is by expanding the right to get an absentee ballot and voting opportunities, not restricting them.