Thursday, December 12, 2019

Russia Banned From 2020 Olympics

Russia banned again.

This time the Russian Team is banned from international competition for 4 years.

Russias' team can't compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the 2020 Para Olympics, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

They also can't host any sporting events either. The last event the country hosted was the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The reason for the ban, it was found that they falsified info, deleted files regarding the probing of alleged doping of Russian athletes at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

The Russian athletes that are found clean have to compete under the flag of neutral countries.

My question is this, what happened to the integrity of countries? What happened to fair play? 

Why did Russia cheat? Are there going to be safeguards to make sure this doesn't happen again? 

What happened ti training and putting in hard work for decades to achieve a medal? 

What does that say to the Russian athletes who were clean? Was their sacrifice and hard work done in vain?

Is the lust of national pride more important than integrity?

What message does this send to the young?

By taking action, the Olympics can get back to what it should be really about, fair play.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Farewell To The Palace

It's an end of an era. 

Only in Michigan can they take something and reduce it to nothing.

The Palace of Auburn Hills, the once great home of the Detroit Pistons will soon be torn down. 

The demolition for the arena where the Pistons won 3 NBA championships and is expected to begin this week.

The former WNBA team, the Detroit Shock also played at the arena and won 3 championships.

The WNBa franchise moved to Oklahoma in 2010.

The Detroit Vipers also played at the arena too. They won the Turner Cup on 2007.

Tom Gores, the owner of the Pistons moved the Pistons to the LCA located in downtown Detroit back in 2017

He sold the arena to a developer last summer. The demolition of the arena is expected to take a few months.

Why couldn't this arena be still in use?
It was a great venue.

Even if the team doesn't play there anymore, it could still host other events like soccer, other sporting events or even concerts.

Why does everything have to be demolished?

What if a developer who bought the property backs out of the deal with the city at the last minute?

Then once again you'll have another empty area.

Don't we have enough of those already.