Friday, October 21, 2011

NBA Lockout Drags On. War On Labor Unions Stops Now!

I've had enough! David Stern and the NBA ought to be very ashamed of themselves.. 

Once again labor is needlessly under attack. 

First, Republican governors are trying to break the unions back by cutting collective bargaining rights. Second the NFL locked out the players union and almost jeopardized their season. Now the NBA lockout has caused training camps, the entire preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season to be cancelled. What's with all the attacks on labor and unions?

The reason for the NBA lockout according to many was the NBA claimed it was losing money, and wanted to reduce players salaries by 40% and a salary cap at $45 million. The owners also claimed that majority of teams lost money.  How come the NBA is saying they lost money when many consider the NBA had a good year?

Look, the bad economy is hurting everyone. Many families who would normally could afford to go to some games don't have the luxury of having that option. Having a lockout won't solve issues.

First it won't be good P.R. for team owners. Fans will turn away from basketball because of the lockout.  Second, the lockout won't help our economy, it will make it worse. Many make their money from game revenues.  Besides if there are no games, won't the team owners lose more money. Isn't money the real issue of the lockout. 

It's not just players and owners who have a stake in games. There are janitors that clean the stadiums, food vendors, coaches, trainers, security, office staff, ushers, and many others who will be out of work because of the lockout. When it comes down to it, many will lose out if there is no games. Who wants to put more strain on our fragile economy. 

The bottom line is when there is a attack on labor, it affects everyone. When it comes down whether we belong to a union or not, we are all labor.  Whether you're a team owner, player, team president, coach, stadium staff, fan or even a writer, we all deserve respect and a decent wage for our labor

Quit acting like a bunch of whiny,spoiled rotten, selfish brats and solve the issues like adults. Let's get back to basketball. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prayers for Dan Wheldon

Prayers,  thoughts go out to the loved ones of Dan Wheldon. 

Wheldon a two time Indy 500 winner, left us Sunday when his car crashed into a fence after being caught up in a 15 car pileup durig a race in Las Vegas. Wheldon was 33.

May his legacy endure.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ok Tigers, this is it. 

You're 1 possible win away from going to the A. L. Championship series. No matter the outcome Detroiters are proud of you!