Monday, March 31, 2008

Tigers lose the home opener. Is this team the new Yankees?

Once again the Tigers played their home opener in front of capacity crowds. And once again they were defeated.

After signing Miguel Cabrera to one of the highest paid contracts in major league history and despite a stellar lineup, they couldn't hold on to their lead and were defeated by the Royals 5-4. Despite brilliant homers by Cabrera, Carlos Guillen and good pitching by Justin Verlander, they fell short in the 11th inning.

With all the great players and high contracts, my question is this. Are the Tigers becoming the New Yankees? Yes we have power hitters and a great lineup, but what happened? Did their egos get too big? Are they burned out? Or do they have their thumbs up their butts?

If spring training is an indicator of the season coming up, then Jim Leyland has a lot of tweaking to do with this team.

Don't blow this year Tigers.

Welcome spring! Tigers play ball again.

Spring means many things to many people. Some look forward to hearing robins. Some are ready to dodge the construction zones. Some are looking forward to longer days and warmer weather. For me, it's the sound of cheering crowds and the crack of the bats.

Once again the Tigers are playing baseball at Comerica Park. Once again they have a strong chance to go to the playoffs.

Good luck guys. Make Detroit proud. Spank some homers.