Monday, January 27, 2020

Prayers For Kobe Bryant

Prayers, thoughts, peace sent to the family, friends, former teammates, fans of basketball great Kobe Bryant.

Bryant, who played for the Lakers left us too soon when he along with his daughter perished during a helicopter crash in California on Sunday.

The five-time NBA champ played for the Lakers for his entire 20 year career.

He also earned gold medals playing for the USA Olympic men's basketball team and recently won an Oscar. 

Kobe will be dearly missed.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sports Heaven Just Got Busier

Sports Heaven just got more crowded this week. 

Prayers, thoughts, peace for the families of George Perles, David Stern, Don Larsen, Sam Wyche.

David Stern, a former NBA Commissioner passed away on New Year's Day. He was 77.

Wyche, who was once head coach of the Bengals left us on Jan. 2nd. He was 74.

Larsen, the only man who throw a no hitter during a world Series also left us on Jan 1st. Larsen was 90.

George Perles is the latest person to have left us on Jan 7th. 

George was a once head coach of the Spartans, athletic director and a MSU trustee. Perles was 85.

Each man left their mark in sports and will be dearly missed.