Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rogers Clemens Gets Indited. What A Tangled Web He Wove.

No matter what happens this time Roger (the Rocket) Clemens will be not be able to pitch his way out of this one.

The World Series and Cy Young Award winning pitcher was indited last week for alleged perjury during his testimony in 2008 to Congress regarding his use of steroids. According to Clemens, he swore under oath he never has taken HGH (human growth hormones) or anabolic steroids. 
However there are reports that claim Clemens did take steroids.  

Ok, who's really telling the truth? If the allegations are true, what does that say about ethics? What does it say to all the athletes who are clean and excel through hard work? 

Is winning at all costs worth the risk of being caught? Is the league doing enough to clean up their sport? Even if he is found innocent, will his reputation ever recover? Can he ever be trusted again? Why was steroid use allowed in the first place?

Under the law, you're considered innocent until proven guilty. Even if Clemens is cleared of charges, many will question his character in the court of public opinion.  Once there is doubt, it's almost impossible to regain the publics' trust. Once trust is broken, it will take a long time to be forgiven.

If Roger Clemens wants to come out of this intact, he must tell the absolute truth. By telling the truth, maybe sports can finally be clean. 

Please Roger, tell the TRUTH!