Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Oops, Matt Millen did it again!

Once again Matt Millen has shown that he is a brainless blockhead who has proven that an infant can run the Lions better than him.

Not only were the Lions 3-13 last year, he traded one of the best corner backs (Dre Bly) to Denver for a draft pick and running back Tatum Bell. He also let go of tight end Marcus Pollard, defensive tackle Marcus Bell and traded defensive end James Hall to St. Louis.

Come on Millen, we don't need another running back. What are you trying to do, destroy the Lions even further?

If you want to reshape the Lions you don't need more offensive players. What you really need is a better defensive coach who's not a drunkard and defensive players who know what they are doing.

Millen, maybe the Fords will eventually do what is right. Trade or release you!


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