Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Did Michael Vick get off too easily

According to many reports Michael Vick is going to plead guilty to dog fighting charges. By doing this he could get a reduced sentence. I know that our legal system has to be fair for everybody, but Vick may be getting off too easily by copping a guilty plea.

It's one thing to be unaware of what was going on at one of your properties, but to take part in killing dogs and betting on them is despicable. And to top it off, he lied publicly. To torture animals is not only evil but he let down his fans, fellow players, and his friends.

My question is this, what gave him the right to do this. Is it the NFL atmosphere that makes athletes act like jerks? Do they think that they're above the law if they are famous? Is it their upbringing? Or should they blame themselves and be responsible for their own behavior.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a responsibility to address players behavior. If he wants to clean up the NFL, he can't go easy on Vick. By doing this maybe, athletes can behave themselves.

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