Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lions turning over a new leaf, yeah right

Has hell frozen over again? The Lions are 3-1.

What a difference a year makes.

After the Lions dismantled the Bears by 37-27 on Sunday, many are considering the Lions to be a good team. Are these people living in fantasy land? Give it time and the Lions will be back to their normal selves. Once again barely surviving the season.

First the offensive and defensive lines still needs to be developed. Yes they are getting better, but after the loss to the Eagles, they still are struggling with keeping their opponents at bay. Even with the win against the reining NFC champs, work still needs to be completed if this team wants to contend. Yes I know that they had some wins, but the ugly wins against Oakland and the Vikings prove that the team is still far from calling itself a passable team at best.

If the Lions want to keep themselves on the winning road, they first must tighten up their offensive and defensive lines. They also must have better coverage of holes in their defense by the secondary team.

Maybe then they will be plausible contenders.

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