Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unlucky 7 straight losses for the Tigers. Enough is Enough!!

If President Bush really wants to find weapons of mass destruction, he has to look no further than the Tigers dugout.

For 7 straight games, the Tigers lost again. They were declawed by the Red Sox 5-0 Tuesday.

What was supposed to be an incredible team this year has turned out be nothing less than a disaster in their first 7 games. I'm not going to hit the panic button yet but, what happened?

Did the players get hit in the head with too many balls and forgot how to play? Were they too busy counting their dough from their mega contracts? Do they have to go to remedial baseball class? Are they working together as a team? Did they lose their confidence? Did Matt Millen become the team president? Or is this just bad luck?

If the Tigers ever want to get back into the playoffs, Jim Leyland has to take better control of this team. He has to get the players to work together. He also has to figure why they are losing too much and correct the errors. He also has to remind his players why they were signed in the first place.

Maybe the Tigers will start winning again. SPANK SOME HOMERS FOR ME!!

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