Monday, June 16, 2008

Demolition prove that there can be a winning football team iin Detroit.

Finally there is a winning football team in Detroit, that not many are aware of.

No it's not wishful thinking about the Lions, but rather the Detroit Demolition that we can be proud of. The Demolition, a team in the Independent Women's Football League is once again in the playoffs. They defeated the Wisconsin Warriors 37-0 on Saturday to advance. They are the odds on favorites to win the title for the 2nd straight year and their 6th in 7 years.

My questions is this: If the Demolition can win in football, what's wrong with the Lions? Is it the Rod Marinellis' fault? Should the Lions fire Matt Millen? Is the Lions play book the problem? Or does it take women to show men how to get it done?

Go Demolition, Beat Chicago, win one for us ladies!!

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