Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Politcally Correct Posse Rides Again

Once again a public figure makes an inappropriate misquote. Once again the politically correct posse is back in action.

Last year it was Don Imus who misspoke. This time ESPN columnist
Jemele Hill was quoted in her column “cheering for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. ” Luckily an editor took the reference out before the column was posted. She apologized for the statement and she was suspended.

Okay, I'll admit what she said was wrong and that she should have apologized but to be suspended for it, come on. Have we gotten so politically correct that we lost free speech. I'll agree she should thought about her words but isn't there more important things to get upset over than this.

We could get upset about the lack of jobs, the mortgage crisis, the falling dollar, the weather victims in Iowa, crime, the homeless, the lack of quality education in our biggest cities. Instead one of the biggest stories is a reporter who made a mistake.

Who hasn't put their foot in their mouth or miss wrote. If we were to fire everyone in the world who misspoke or offended anyone, then no one would have a job. Even Ms. Kitty has slipped up, not here of course.

The problem isn't the words, but what is the reason behind the words. My solution, we can put ourselves in anothers shoes, give others respect,
and try to watch our words.

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