Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wanna make a difference? Vote Tigers for the 2008 All Star Game

Love Your Tigers, wanna make a difference?

You can make a difference, by showing your team support. How, by voting our Tigers to the 2008 All Star Game. You can vote for the Tigers by clicking on their link. It's on the left side of this site under team links.You can vote up to 25 times. Voting ends July 2nd. You can also go to www.mlb.com to vote there as well.

The Tigers have brought so much hope and pride to our area, so why not show your pride. We know that they're playing like All Stars winning 12 out of the past 17 games. Why not let the rest of our country know it.

Keep wearing and displaying your Tigers gear. Keep packing them in and cheering at the games. Keep showing your Tiger pride.

Make it emphatic, Vote Tigers!!

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