Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Resolutions for Teams.

Happy New Year!

Once again a brand new year is here. And once again many make resolutions that are sometimes broken. 

If were up to me, I would make the following resolutions for our beloved Michigan teams and players. 

For Michigan State basketball and football: Win but not as often as the Wolverines.

For Wolverine basketball: make it to March Madness and don't blow it.  If you do make it to the championship game, don't mess it up.

For the Lions, finally win a playoff game. Quit blowing leads and racking up penalties. Keep Suh, Reggie Bush. Keep Jim Caldwell as coach. No more losing seasons, there's no more excuses for it. 0 - 16 should never be allowed to happen again.  

For Suh and Dominic Raiola: we know you're football bad asses, but you can't keep getting suspended. If you want be bad asses in football, you also have to know how to be good sportsmen too. 

For the Tigers: Do whatever it takes to keep Max Scherzer in a Tigers uniform. Try to sign a power hitter who can really hit in the clean up spot. We have the best pitchers in the game, we don't need any new pitchers. Make to the post season again and try not to choke again when you make it to the World Series. 

For the Wings: You're a good team, kick some hockey ass. You don't get to the playoffs without knowing what you're doing. This losing S*** stops now!

For the Pistons: Win consistently. You've been known for being the bad boys, don't be known for pathetic basketball. What happened the past six years with this team was pathetic. The winning streak is great, keep it up!

For the Wolverines football: liquidate MSU and Ohio State. It will take time to rebuild the team. Recruit well. Hope coach Harbaugh can rebuild this team. Have a plan when it comes to dealing with concessions. What happened with Shane Morris should never be allowed to happen again.

For Miguel Cabrera and V Mart: hope you are Tigers for life. Keep smacking those homers in. 

For all Michigan teams: give your fans something to cheer about.

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