Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is Rich Rod Right?

Rich Rodriguez is making news again.

This time the University of Michigan head football coach is in the news for defending one of his prospects Demar Dorsey.  Dorsey was involved in 3 home invasions when he was younger. Although he was arrested in the incidents, he confessed  to 2 crimes but was never convicted.  Ok, he is considered to be one of the best defensive backs around, but is Rich Rod doing the right thing by giving him a chance at Michigan?

Yes, I'm aware that some people can turn their life around. Can Dorsey stay on the right course? Is he what was needed at Michigan? 

Rodriguez is rubbing some Michigan fans the wrong way lately. Whether it's been two losing seasons under his watch, alleged NCAA violation over practices, his recruiting of Dorsey, many are questioning if Rich Rod was the right choice as coach. With all the questions of his tactics surrounding Rich Rod, why was he hired in the first place? Is Rich Rod the right fit for Michigan?

Only time will tell if Rich Rod deserves to keep his job at Michigan. My advice to Rodriguez,   start proving why you deserved to be hired as coach. If you really want to keep your job, act like it.


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