Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NHL Should Be In Penalty Box for Actions Against Labor.

Gary Bettman and the NHL ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Who else is fed up with all the lockouts and attacks on unions?

For the 2nd in 8 years the NHL is once again in a lockout. The lockout started in September when a new CBA agreement was not reached. The league and it's player could not agree on revenue sharing and a few other contract issues.

The lockout now in it's 2nd month has resulted in many of the regular season games being cancelled including the All Star Game and the Winter Classic. The Winter Classic would have generated much needed revenue and positive buzz into Michigan. 

The attacks on labor unions has to stop.  This lockout not only affects the NHL and it's players, but it is terrible for those who depend on games being played. When unions are locked out everyone loses.  Whether you're a team owner, player, coach, trainer, arena support staff, janitorial crew, security, concessions worker, fan, media or local business owner, we are all labor. We all matter.  

Let's hope they get this issue resolved soon and get back to playing hockey. 

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